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Car Diagnostics in Middlesbrough

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Have you noticed warning lights appearing on the dashboard? A diagnostic plugin can establish what is causing them.
Most modern vehicles are equipped with an ECU (Engine Control Unit). This is an internal computer that is connected to a series of sensors located around your vehicle. These sensors capture and transport data to the ECU, which interprets the data and detects any faults that may be present.
Autoking has the latest technologies to plug into your vehicle’s ECU and take a number of readings that we can use to identify and provide repair solutions to any faults found.
Mechanic looking over a computer - Car Diagnostics Middlesbrough
(Parts not included). Please note faults/error may represent other underlying vehicle issues.
AutoKing Diagnostics 30 minute equipment plugin involves a trained technician carry out an ECU Check, All ECU check results will be printed off with faults then all faults will be erased off the ECU. The technician will then carry out pre-secondary ECU check tests (may involve a test drive which will be notified to you beforehand) to see if the same faults are still being identified.
Your vehicle will be re-plugged into the diagnostics equipment and a secondary ECU check will be carried out. A quote on rectification work will be provided to you by a customer service advisor in line with the secondary print-out results. If any fault/error rectification work is required that can be done within the allotted 30 minutes diagnostics plug-in then it is free.
Our diagnostic tools can find faults across a number of systems in your vehicle including: