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Car Battery Middlesbrough

For car battery repairs and replacements come to Autoking serving Middlesbrough

Don’t get stranded due to a flat car battery. A battery test and replacement is a relatively inexpensive and quick process. A battery will rarely give much indication that it is running flat until the time that your vehicle doesn’t start.
We recommend that you look to have a replacement battery fitted every 3-5 years to avoid getting caught out by a flat. Your battery will have questionable reliability after 3 years of age.
Some things to look out for when assessing whether your battery is running properly is to observe the features that have significant energy demands. For example your headlights seeming much dimmer than normal or if they brighten when you apply the accelerator are both indications that your battery is straining and in need of replacement.
You can contact us here to book your vehicle in to have a new battery fitted, we can perform a voltage drop test to assess how well your battery is running.
Car Battery Middlesbrough