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Whats Included in an MOT?

Would your car pass its MOT? Unsure what’s involved? Then do not worry, Autoking have put together all the checks that are covered in your MOT. This way you know what main elements are checked and tested during an MOT so you can make sure to fix anything before it becomes a problem on the road! From brake fluid leakages to tire wear-and-tear, from headlights to seat belts – there isn’t much that doesn’t get checked over when getting an auto assessed for safety purposes! So be mindful of any potential issues with your vehicle now while they’re easy fixes rather than dealing with them later down the line.

MOT Test – Checks and Testing

Did you know that nearly half of all faults in an MOT could be avoided by simply maintaining and checking your car? This means that by checking items like your: lights, wiper blades, tyres and brakes; you can save yourself the cost of failing an MOT. So something as simple as regularly inspecting specific parts on your vehicle will not only give you peace of mind but also help to prolong its life! It takes less than 10 minutes each week for these checks so it’s really worth doing them before anything goes wrong with anyone part – saving time (and money) at least once every two months would make things easier down the line if ever there were problems costing more or causing delays


An auto inspection will test the condition, operating and security of your current lights. The front, rear brake fog indicator registration plate and headlamps are checked to ensure they are all functioning correctly in good condition with correct colouration at an MOT. Your headlight will also be checked to see if they are aimed correctly.

Vehicle Identification Number

The VIN number is a unique code that has been stamped onto your vehicle. The MOT test verifies the presence and readability of this crucial identifying information on your car, so make sure it’s present and totally readable before you come in!

Registration Plate

A registration plate must be fitted to both the front and rear of your vehicle. Each registration plate should have a reflective finish, with easy-to-read letters that are no more than 12 inches high in size. The lettering on each side also needs to be spaced out properly for increased visibility as well!

Steering and Suspension

Driving with faulty steering or suspension components means that your whole car is at risk of failing an MOT test. Have a professional mechanic take care of these problems before the big day!


Cracks and other damage on your windscreen can decrease visibility while driving, which is why it’s important to ensure the surface of your windshield remains crystal clear. A comprehensive inspection will be performed to check for any cracks or issues with your window in order that we may find potential problems before they become unsafe. Furthermore, there should not be a crack more than 10mm long directly in front of the driver nor any larger than 40 mm anywhere else on the glass; these could impair vision if left unchecked!

Wipers and Washer Bottle

Your wipers will be checked over to ensure that there has been no damage and work correctly. Prior to your MOT, make sure you check the condition of your wipers, as well as check if they need any new screenwash topping upon them.


The horn should be able to emit a continuous note and have enough volume for others on the road. It will also need to sound loud and clear, so it’s tested by measuring how much noise is transmitted when in use.

Seat Belts

The seat belts in your car are part of a safety system that could save you and others’ lives. All seats within the vehicle will be examined for type, condition, security and proper operation to ensure they meet those standards before it passes inspection. Your belt must pass these tests or else there is potential risk involved with life-changing consequences if not fixed immediately.


The MOT test ensures the safety of all passengers. Your front seats will be checked to make sure they’re safe and secure for your loved ones as well!


The MOT tester will check to see that the doors can be opened and closed properly, as well as make sure they have a secure latch. This is important because both front doors need to function from inside or outside of the car–or else you won’t get very far on your trip!


The examination of the vehicle during an MOT test will ensure that there is no excessive corrosion or damage. When you have reached your inspection, be sure to check for any sharp edges on bodywork that could cause failure and get it fixed before coming in again!

Fuel System

Your vehicle’s fuel system will be checked and analysed for any leaks or problems and to ensure the tank cap seals properly.


All cars have to pass the MOT, or they could be taken off of the roads. A gas analyser probe will test your car’s exhaust smoke and carbon monoxide levels while it is running. If those are above legal limits, you won’t get an acceptance from this tester!


The mirrors in and out of your car will be checked to ensure there are no cracks, smashes or problems with the current condition of the mirror. This can affect both safeties for you as well as others on the road if they cannot see what is coming up behind them easily.

Wheels and Tyres

A common failure in an MOT is the type of tyres. This can be caused by having your tyre treads below a minimum level, currently at 1.6mm. Ensure you are well within this measurement before taking your car for its MOT test! You can do so with a 20p coin to check how deep into the rubber it goes – both wheels and tires will also be checked during inspection to ensure they have no lumps or bulges that could indicate damage.


Your brakes will be checked to ensure that they are working as efficiently and effectively as possible. This is done through a series of tests where you brake performance, your pedals’ functionality, the condition of levers controlling them, and what warning lights may light up on your car’s dashboard during these checkups.

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