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Budget Tyres vs Premium Tyres

Tyres are a distress purchase for many car owners, so when the time comes to replacing them it's no surprise that many motorists shop on price. Your car's tyres are the only point of contact your car has with the road, so it is vital that you ensure yours are up to standard for keeping you safe and your car is performing adequately. You may think that the only difference between budget and premium tyres is the price, but there is actually more to it than that. Although a cheap budget tyre on a retail shelf can look similar to the more expensive premium tyre alongside it, there’s a big difference in the quality of construction, materials and product testing. When the time comes to replace your vehicle's tyres, choosing whether to opt for premium tyres or budget tyres is a decision that you will face.


To be deemed safe on the roads each tyre needs to meet a minimum legal requirement to make them safe. So no matter how much you pay for your tyres, you can be rest assured that they are sold under the legal safety requirements.


Both premium and budget tyres are set out against each other performance wise and the results indicated nearly always show that premium tyres outperform budget tyres in terms of grip and handling. Overall premium tyres provide better traction on the road and give better fuel efficiency than budget tyres in all weather conditions.


The biggest difference between premium tyres and budget tyres is the materials used to manufacture them. Budget tyres aren’t constructed with the same complex materials that premium tyres are, and they won’t be the same level of quality control procedures with experienced engineers to approve the work. With premium tyres the manufacture process and workmanship means branded tyres will be more durable than budget tyres. Premium tyres usually have a longer lasting tread depth and offer better wear when used on the roads. Should you be clocking up mileage regularly on your car then it is best to invest in premium tyres.


The biggest difference between premium tyres and budget tyres is the price. If your car is older and you rarely travel great distances then budget tyres are more suitable for you. However if you are looking for complete performance, traveling long distances than premium tyres may be worth the investment for the improved handling and fuel efficiency they offer.

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