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The Importance of an MOT Test

26 May 2021 / outrank

The Ministry of Transport (MOT) test is an important part of car ownership. An MOT test is there to, in short… save your life! A mechanic will also test the exhaust emissions produced from your vehicle and make sure it’s not over excessive and reducing the effect on our environment.

Keen drivers know that they need a current MOT certificate before driving their car today because accidents can happen at any time so making sure you have done everything possible for safety beforehand could be all worthwhile later down the line or just simply reduce costs by avoiding having to go back into rescue mode should something unfortunate occur. 

It is a legal requirement to have a current MOT to drive your car on the road. If you have a new car then it won’t need an MOT test carrying out, but it’s three years old you must take your car to have an MOT test carried out.

What Does an MOT Cover? 

The MOT test checks all of the vital components that keep you and your family safe while maintaining the functionality of your vehicle.

Although many people understand they need an MOT test, not many people know what is involved. The following are items that are checked during the process:

  • Lighting and Signalling Equipment 

  • Steering 

  • Suspension 

  • Brakes 

  • Tyres and Wheels

  • Seat Belts Body Structure 

  • Exhaust & Fuel Emission

These important tests check all of your vehicle's key safety features to ensure functionality while keeping you safe on the road with loved ones.

What’s the Difference Between MOTs and Servicing? 

It’s important to note that an MOT is not the same as a service, as above an MOT is a legal requirement which your car has to undergo to be redeemed as roadworthy and safe to drive. An MOT is a visual check which needs to be passed or it will be deemed as unsafe and not allowed on the road until the issues are fixed.

A car service is set out by a car manufacturer rather than the government, so it’s specific to your vehicle. A car service is more in-depth and checks far more than your MOT test. A specialist will change your oil levels, engine coolant, brake fluid, all of which might not have immediate consequences if they’re running low but can cause a lot of issues if they run out. This gives you security about the level your car is functioning.

Why Could my Car Fail its MOT? 

Did you know that nearly two in five MOT tests are a fail first time? This is often due to minor faults that the owner could have easily fixed beforehand. Listed below are the top five reasons why MOT tests fail…

  • Screenwash is not topped up. This basic task takes minutes, so don’t be caught out by it.

  • The car was dirty or full of clutter. Clear the mess from the boot and cabin and give the windows and mirrors a quick wipe.

  • A registration plate problem. For example, the plate used the incorrect typeface/spacing or was dirty or missing altogether. If you have a personalised plate, make sure it follows DVLA rules.

  • Stickers on the windscreen blocking the driver’s view. Make sure anything stuck to the windscreen like parking permits is outside the wipers’ sweep area.

  • Lit-up warning light on the dashboard. The MOT has included lit-up warning lights since 2012. So make sure you know what lit-up car warning lights mean and, if you have, any sort out the underlying problem before the MOT.

Need an MOT? Call Autoking Today

If you choose to ignore the warnings and refuse to take your car for an MOT or drive your car without a valid MOT certificate could cost you dearly. You may not be aware but if you do not tend to your MOT, it can have an impact on both safety of driving as well as insurance cover. An annual test is simply one test in 12 months - isn’t that worth it for a safe and driveable vehicle? We perform all types of mot tests here at Autoking so get in touch with us today!






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